Cecilia Hidalgo

Cecilia Hidalgo, biochemist (1965), Ph.D., Universidad de Chile (1969). Post-doctoral training (1969-1972) at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. Assistant professor (biophysics), F. Ciencias Químicas (1972-1975) and F. Medicina, U. de Chile (1973-1974). Research fellow (1974-1976) and Staff Scientist (1977-1986), Boston Biomedical Research Institute, and Associate, Harvard Medical School (1977-1986), Boston, MA, USA. On returning to Chile at the end of 1983, she becomes Professor at CECS (1984-2002) and at the Facultad de Medicina, U. de Chile (1984-present). Chair, Programa de Biología Celular y Molecular, Instituto de Ciencias Biomédicas, F. Medicina, U. de Chile (2001-2003) and Director, Center of Molecular Studies of the Cell (2002-2010).

Over 100 publications in journals of international circulation, which have been cited more than 4300 in the literature. Present research interests: to study signaling pathways activated by calcium release from intracellular stores in neurons, skeletal and cardiac muscle.

Significant participation in the activities of several national and international scientific societes. Involvement in national bodies that implement/supervise science development in Chile.

Guggenheim Fellowship, 1992-1993. Member, Academia Chilena de Ciencias (2012) and Regular Member of the Academia de Ciencias de América Latina (ACAL) since 2002 and of TWAS, since 2011.