Integrative Physiology

Project Description

Hormonal effects on the cardiovascular system.
Pathophysiological mechanisms of renal failure: basic-clinical studies.
Cardiovascular remodeling, vascular calcification.
Role of immune system cardiovascular damage of hypertension and heart failure.

Problem Description

Cardiovascular disease is highly prevalent in the population and represents the main cause of death. Hypertension and chronic renal failure are important risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular damage is modulated by several hormones that act on cells of the cardiovascular system. The research at our laboratory addresses the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the development of cardiovascular disease in hypertension and chronic renal failure, with particular attention to the actions of hormones. To adress the pathophysiologic mechanisms of diesease we combine studies in experimental models (cell, tissue, experimental animals) with clinical studies. Using this integrative approach, our studies are oriented aimed to the discovery and testing of new preventive and therapeutic interventions.

Ongoing projects funded

FONDECYT 1130550. Role in sodium homeostasis and hypertension of a novel molecular mechanism that mediates the action of aldosterone in target tissues: regulation of the Beta-3 subunit of the sodium pump (2013-2017). Project P09/016F. Millennium Nucleus on Immunology and Immunotherapy, (2011-2019). CONICYT-FONDEF D11I1122. Angiotensin-(1-9), a new active component for the treatment of hypertension and secondary cardiovascular and renal damage: preclinical study and development (2013-2015).