La Revista «Cancer and Methastasis Reviews» en Junio trae una Edición Especial de «Caveolina y Dominios de Lípidos en Cáncer»


En el Volumen 39, N°2, de Junio del 2020, la Revista Cancer and Methastasis Reviews, trae un especial de Caveolina, en donde se destaca un articulo del Director del CEMC, Dr. Andrew Quest y la Dra. Lisette Leyton, titulado: «Caveolin-1 function at the plasma membrane and in intracellular compartments in cancer»

«Caveolin-1 (CAV1) is commonly considered to function as a cell surface protein, for instance in the genesis of caveolae. Nonetheless, it is also present in many intracellular organelles and compartments. The contributions of these intracellular pools to CAV1 function are generally less well understood, and this is also the case in the context of cancer.»


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